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How do I place an order?
How do I select the format & delivery options?
What does the following information mean?
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How do I Place an Order?

Play Demo: How to place an order?

Please enter in your client, matter or reference number. One of these boxes is required but all 3 may have text placed in them for convenient order tracking.

Next, please enter the document numbers you would like into the document # box. Our site allows you to cut and paste a list of numbers from digital formats into this box, and will except documents numbers with or with out country code prefixes. (The country code prefix is only needed for foreign documents). Below are a few samples.

  • US Patents & Published Applications

(A number with out a country code will default to US)



  • Foreign Patents & Published Applications

(Simply type the 2 digit country code in front of the number)




After entering all of your document numbers into the box please select any advanced options that apply to all of your documents.

You may then add special instructions by clicking the 'special instructions' box or click next to move to the next screen.

This screen allows you to change or add advance options to individual documents and you may also make changes to the country codes or kind codes. You may also add more documents to the order by clicking the 'add to order' box.


How do I select the format & delivery options?

Clicking on the arrow in the drop down box will display the available delivery formats. Please note that you will be able to download PDF copies of your documents, even if you request hard copies, at no additional charge. Next please let us know how many copies you would like. Please verify the shipping address is correct and add special shipping instructions if necessary.

What does the following information mean?

  • Review your Order

This is last chance to review your order and verify all of the information is correct.
Please click on the link "click here to adjust your order" to make any changes to your order.

  • You have completed placing your order

This page gives you your order number and lets you know that your order is now in process. If questions arise concerning this order, please contact us and refer to your order number.

By clicking the 'next' button you will be returned to your home page which shows recent orders you have previously placed as well as the status for each order

  • Recent Request/Home

This page shows you all of the orders placed over the past 7 days and their current status. To view orders please click on the order number that you wish to view. You may download PDF copies of any available items by clicking on the "download file" link or download all the available documents at one time by clicking the "download all available items" link. If you wish to look at an order over 7 days old, please go to the Order Search page.

  • Order Search

This page allows you to search for orders or previously ordered documents by a variety of fields. Please enter the text you are looking for in the appropriate field and hit submit. Then click on the order number that you want to view.

  • Order General Information

This page displays your order and delivery details. From this page, you can download line items or all available items by clicking on the "download" or "download all available items" links.
Also take note of the comments column. Any information regarding the status of your order will be placed in this field.

From this page you also have the ability to cancel a particular line item or the entire order. Please be aware, there may be fees for canceling an order and is at the digression of DigiPat staff.

When opening a document from the download link, please be sure to save it to a location on your computer. If you do need to re-download the file please contact Digipat.

  • My Account

This page displays your account information. From this page you can adjust your account and shipping information.
If you are your company's account administrator you have the ability to deactivate or add users to the account.

More help?

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